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English for Children 0-9 years old

Free access to teaching materials in English for children.
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Books and Video for Children
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Books in English for children from the smallest to 10-12 years.
All books are sounded and presented in several formats. Most books are translated into video files for viewing on a computer or TV.
Books for children in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian. Books have also been voiced.
Video: Series, cartoons, feature films for children in English. Many films also have a Russian sound track. The majority with English subtitles. Video is presented in different formats (see Video file formats).
Games: Games are selected so that the child learns English.
English books for babies and toddlers
English books for Kids from 3 years old
English books for Kids from 5 years old
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3 sets of books in English for children of all ages: All books are sounded. It will be possible to look directly on the website online. If you want to read or listen offline on the tablet (Android), you can download the books in the format BEBAndroid-MP3 (Baby English Best app with sound). It will look like the site.
All books are presented in MP4 (1280x720) video format. You can write books on a flash drive and the child will watch them on the TV. For an example of a video book, see below.
PDF files "The City", "The Little Egg", "Bravo!" are sounded (our format is PDF-mp3).

Learn Professions in English
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Booklet "Professions" is made by a first-grade student according to the school curriculum. We draw your attention to the correct translation and use of the word "pupil". The word "pupil" is out of use in the meaning of the disciple. It is preserved in the names of textbooks (Grammar Pupil book) and, when telling about very small children. As soon as the child went to the school, he is already a "Student". It is necessary to know both words.
Little Benguin
Little Benguin Flash Cards
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LITTLE BENGUIN. A small booklet with a great message to children (and adults) - each person is unique, your differences from others will help you. The penguin falls in love with a bunny, and they have a child - Little Benguin. Sometimes he is happy to be special and unusual (with rabbit ears and penguin legs). But other animals avoid it, because it is different, and it saddens him and his parents. However, when the wolf comes, the unique abilities of Little Benguin allow him to cope with the threat and save everyone. Overnight, out of an outcast, he turns into a hero. This topic is not new and is played out in many works - from little books for the youngest children to a serious film (12+). Read "Rog the Dragon goes to school" from the kit 3+. We will definitely write an article on this important topic with a review of works and examples from life. Information about this will be sent to you by mail (if you confirm your email after the subscription).
Also we made a flash card (BEBAndroid-mp3) with some words from this book.
Best Songs for Kids in English
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A selection of the best video options of the popular songs for children. Each song is in several variants. This is an excellent way to memorize words and understand the language by ear. Parents can periodically change the collection for greater efficiency and variety. Many songs are with subtitles. Videos are the high quality (MP4, full HD).
Видео книги для детей на английском
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More than 50 video books for children from the the smallest to 8-10 years.
Format MP4. Quality of 1280x720 and 1920x1080. You can watch on any TV, computer, and tablet.
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